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The World Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides distinctive, global, musical performance and education to urban and rural youth across 9 countries.  In collaboration with The World Music Foundation, master artists instruct and inspire students through authentic interactions and presentations of music from cultures outside of their own.  Targeted are students with minimal opportunity for exposure to live performance, diversity and education from world artists.



We have brought authentic up-close cultural musical interaction to over 10,000 music students in different parts of the world.

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Hundreds of schools averaging over 85% free and reduced lunch have been able to participate in our cultural programs and studies show that this demographic exhibits the highest increase in ethnocultural empathy once given the opportunity for cross-cultural interaction.

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Pop. 350

Students in towns as small as 350, whom otherwise would rarely, if ever, have opportunities to interact with cultures outside of their own, have now been given that opportunity.

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Music of Other Cultures?

  • Reduces intolerance, conflicts & discrimination
  • Increases understanding, respect & tolerance
  • “Expose children to other cultures through music” is ranked the #1 factor in developing a global mindset in children
  • Increases international and intercultural awareness
  • Teaches music students new approach to familiar concepts
  • Strengthens fundamentals of rhythm and melody
  • Raises level of engagement in the arts
  • Expands educational memory & critical thinking


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Artist Affiliation:

Sandip Burman

It is with great honor that we announce our affiliation with world renown tabla and sitar master Pandit Sandip Burman.

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Ustad Aashish Khan & Sandip Burman

November 10, 2018

Chicago, IL

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A growing number of individual donors, foundations, and corporations, make our work possible. We are so grateful for their partnership and support. The following are just some of our supporters